Monday, September 19, 2011

Spooktacular Shopping & Savings For Halloween! is one of the most popular and largest Halloween stores on the internet! This is a great coupon offer where you can get an additional 15% off by using the coupon code and clicking thru the ad above.

Looking for some Spooktacular Savings to celebrate upcoming Halloween? They have what you need to get your fun and party on!

A huge selection of costumes for adults and children of all ages, accessories, hats, wigs, masks, makeup, props and even pet costumes for your furbabies.

Plus party goods and so much more!

Everything Halloween can be found at and with the added 15% savings it's time to gear up for Spooktacular fun!

Happy Shopping & Saving!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Compare Auto Insurance Rates & Get The Best Deal

Auto insurance can be tricky, pricey and often not make sense. You can go from one insurance provider to another, sometimes with a slight increase or decrease, but sometimes the savings can be substantial!

It doesn't hurt to shop insurance rates! As a matter of fact, it's smart and savvy to compare what providers in your area charge for comparible coverage.

There is a great site that works nationwide where you can COMPARE AUTO INSURANCE RATES. A quick visit there will give you some side-by-side comparisons of what coverage is in your area without obligation. You can shop and then determine if you are getting a good deal now or need to make a change.

This website is also very helpful in understanding the auto insurance terminology in layman's terms where you can further evaluate coverage in your geographic area to determine what is the best deal.

Check out this site HERE and I'm sure you will find it helpful. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want To Swap Your Kids' Outgrown Clothes? Well, ThredUp!

Our children grow so fast, don't they? Did you ever wish there was a way you could swap some of that gently loved and worn clothing with other Moms who could use them and get some that will fit your growing gang?

ThredUp has taken the concept of the clothing swap to the internet and the results are awesome! While ThredUp began in 2009 as a general clothing swap site, the company recognized the need for gently used children's clothing and gently loved children's toys among the Mom community. It's why their byline is: "Clothes Don't Grow. Kids Do."

It's a remarkable concept and you can actually make some pretty good trades from what I see on the site. It's not slim pickings either. I recently scouted the site for an article I wrote as Frugal Living Examiner at and there were 4,165 boxes of children's clothing (sorted by size, type and season) available for swap to other families. 1,986 new boxes had been listed during the week and a total of 19,536 items were swapped.

The box concept is how the whole system works. You can box up your no longer needed children's clothing and toys and list the box as available for swap on ThredUp. When you do, you receive "credits" that you can apply to picking up boxes from other Moms and parents who have items that you want or need for your children.

Now, you do pay shipping via flat rate USPS Priority Mail at $10.95 a box. But since the good majority of the boxes are either loaded with a certain type and size of item (say 10 tops, shorts etc.) or may contain a higher priced item, say a coat or jacket, you really aren't getting a bad deal.

You can read my review of ThredUp on HERE. It will give you all the particulars of how the program works. What's even better, if you click on the advertisement below, your 1st box is FREE and all you pay is shipping just to try them out. How can you lose?

So, gather up your kid's clothes and toys and trade with other families with ThredUp! I think you'll be impressed because it is a GREAT concept. Happy swapping!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Offers For Better Health - Check These Out & Take Advantage

Free is always good right? If you agree, you don't want to miss out on these great free offers for our readers to get in better health, feel better and see better. Just click the ads below to get started.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zenni Optical Will Have You Seeing 20/20 Eyewear Savings

Being the Shopping Savvy Mama and knowing many of my Mom friends are like spirits, I just have to share the amazing savings you can enjoy by using Zenni Optical for your eyewear purchases.

Even if you have vision coverage with your insurance plan, the prospect of getting eyeglasses is far from an inexpensive one. With Zenni, you can enjoy great savings and get all the latest trendy styles. Isn't it true anymore that eyewear has become a fashion statement? While you often can only afford one pair of eyeglasses through the normal local means, when you see Zenni you can see the prices are so cheap you could buy, and wear, several!

You may be saying "Yeah right". You may have concerns about purchasing eyewear online but by the time we are done here, I am sure you will have changed your mind.

All you need is your prescription which means you have to have an eye exam. The eye exam is usually the least expensive part of getting new glasses and in some cases there are even free eye exams available. Wherever you go, make sure you leave there with prescription in hand and hop on the internet and on over to Zenni!

Zenni provides great value but we will let the rave review on their service and prices speak for itself. Check out See More Savings On Eyewear in the Journal News. This is one example of many happy Zenni customers. Who couldn't be happy with this great value? It's just what the doctor ordered (okay well maybe not the eye doctor) during these economic times.

This is for real and you can actually purchase a pair of prescription eyeglasses for as little as $6.95! Now, I know you think I left out a digit there but I did not...their prices start at $6.95. You can check out the styles they have available in $6.95 Prescription Eyeglasses here.

You may be skeptical but even their $6.95 eyewear provides you with value and quality minus the high price tag. All their eyeglasses come with: Anti-Scratch Coating, Thin and Light 1.57 Index Lens, Full UV Protection, a Protective Case and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

So, shipping costs a bundle right? Wrong! US Shipping for your entire order is just $4.95 or $9.95 Internationally. Most US orders are delivered in 9-14 days.

What if you wear bifocals or need the added extras? Bifocals start at just $23.95 and you can add options like anti-glare coating or sunglass tint for just $4.95 each.

The designer inspired frames we featured in the picture above are rimless metal alloy with acetate temples and are priced at $25.95.

Zenni Optical keeps prescription eyewear affordable for the entire family so be sure to visit and shop there for your eyeglass needs. Why pay more when you can pay as little as $6.95 with reasonable shipping. Now that's 20/20 savings you can enjoy for sure!

Thursday, December 9, 2010 Makes You A Comparison Shopper From Your Seat

Here's an internet gem that savvy shoppers will want to bookmark, use and enjoy. is a community you can join that will help you shop and save as an integrated web-wide product search engine. Tired of weeding through generic search results to find the best deals on products you are shopping for online? is your answer!

You can find a world of great products, narrow your search and shop right from the comfort of your computer chair. is a large network, offering over 20 million products from over 5,000 retailers. You can locate the greatest deals on just about everything here!

Another neat feature is that there are no surprises with shopping there. You can look at the best deals showing the total price, which includes shipping and taxes.

There is also a Nearby Stores category where you can save on shipping by finding local outlets for products you want to buy.

So, let's go shopping and comparing at

With the Holidays coming, let's say you are looking for baby screw back earrings for your baby or little girl. When we put Baby Screw Back Earrings in the search box it drew a lot of results for comparison. By clicking the More Info button, you can find out the best offers out there, some even with Free Shipping.

Next, let's say you are looking for Monkey Baby Clothes, for instance. What makes this shopping aid truly unique is it picks up on terms and shows you all the options.

Now, let's say you are looking for a Bassinet Stroller for your baby or a shower gift. Visit the page and you can see how easy it is to price compare and find the best deals.

It's simple comparison shopping at your fingertips. Visit, put in what you are searching for and you can a great variety of the best deals online today. Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Takes The Mystery Out Of Auto Repair

If you are anything like me, sometimes auto repairs perplex me. How can you take your vehicle to the garage and get such different repair estimates?

As a single Mom, I know very little about auto repairs and want to be a more informed consumer.

Repair Pal takes the mystery out of costs of repairing your vehicle. When you visit the Repair Pal website, you can be an informed consumer and be "in the know".

Repair Pal is an independent, unbiased resource for your automotive repair questions, concerns and cost estimates. Among it's features are the ability to secure Price Estimates, Find A Shop, learn more about your car with the My Car and Car Info pages as well as consult an Encyclopedia to look up terms you are unfamiliar with.

Here's how you can put this valuable resource to work for you:

Let's say you live in the Los Angeles, California area. You can visit Repair Pal Los Angeles to get to your local geographic area.

Next, you would look up information about your specific vehicle. For example, let's say you own a 2001 Honda Civic.

Once you get to your city area and find the make and model of your vehicle, you can now lookup a specific auto repair task. For example, let's say you need to Replace a Head Gasket.

Check it out and see how simple it is. Being an informed consumer can save you money on auto repair expenses and prevent you from being over-charged when you need to have your car repaired.